Past, present and future of the nomad – felt

The path of the nomad is full of various challenges. Constant changes of locations, severe mountain climate and, of course, the absence of any conditions require the ability to adapt to constantly changing circumstances. Overcoming a lot of obstacles on the way to absolute freedom, the nomad has learned to live using all means. Felt since ancient times was the main material of nomads: able to withstand not only the cold, but also heat, this practical material played a major role in the life of ancient Kyrgyz. From the felt they built dwellings, sewed clothes, dressed warriors and their horses. Later, from the purely practical application of felt, people moved on to decorating their homes, becoming so advanced in this field that, in time, felt products became not just objects of everyday life, but one of the major parts of our culture and folk art.

Tumar Art Group is proud of the past and traditions that came to us from our nomadic ancestors. Trying to preserve the ancient craft, we continue to create products from felt. And no matter how trends change over time, the amazing properties of this material do not lose their value. Even the process of creating felt can make you love this material once and for ever!

The manufacturing technique has not changed much since the time of the ancient nomads, which is a wise simplicity never losing its relevance, and not having to be improved. The craftsmen of the past created a felt for their home and their closest people, investing their love and care in what they do. We try to preserve this pleasant tradition by creating our own products.

The wool of selected mountain sheep grazing in the absolutely natural conditions of Kyrgyz pastures comes to our production, where we carefully clean it and gently card it, and only after that we proceed to the immediate process of felting. Skillful hands of our artisans create the miracles and from the common wool with the help of natural soap and warm water, a felt is created. This becomes possible due to the special properties of sheep’s wool to fasten under the influence of pressure and steam. So, nature in its natural processes together with the efforts of our craftsmen give life to truly valuable and worthwhile products.

Traditions of quality and durability, warmth and closeness to nature, ecological processes and manual labor. The best features of the past, the most worthy examples of the present – all these embody the philosophy of the Tumar Art Group.

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