About Us

To create a harmony, combine humanity with a wildness of nature.

What you will receive is a ‘human animal’ – which is as powerful but fragile. His clothing is a character. His desire is a wing. Decision is a challenge. Weapon is a soul. Heart is freedom and freedom is life.

Nomadism personified freedom for the Kyrgyz. It was freedom to travel and search for the life he wants. In today’s industrialized world nomads are few and far between. Our nomad is settled now. But for us, nomadism is a character. It is a character which challenges us in the modern politics, economy, religion and arts. It is a challenge which calls for authenticity.

For us, nomadism is also harmony with nature. It is the art that nature demonstrates in itself.  It is a beauty in the glimpse of the mountains. Recognize the wild, rough and unrestrained character of nature. It can actually provide a feeling of coziness and ease, as if you came home. Because inside all of us is a wild thing. That is, we appreciate simplicity, innocence and straightforwardness of nature. It is connectivity to the true self. It is a willingness to be less than perfect. It’s a willingness to commit to who you truly are.

This is a reminder to us about the origins and home. It reminds of landscape, history and culture. We wish to communicate back the meaning of freedom for the true nomads. To recognize the expression of freedom in what we do.

Here we come, stepped down this road, as many times before. We have travelled through the rich heritage and found a new beginning.  We reached the roots and gained the wings to fly. May be we are the birds of the mountains?

We adapt. We sing. A bird sings because it has a song. May be we are the birds with broken wings? But the birds who dare to fall, are the ones who to learn to fly!

Here we come again in pursuit of balance. It is the balance between the past and present, the balance between the lost and found. We search for the balance between the cherished ancient and the reviving modernity. We are the dreamers of eternity.

Nest is a home for the wild birds. Our freedom is to fly back to home.