Create felt slippers

The stories of the craftsmen behind each pair of felt slippers

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Past, present and future of the nomad – felt

The path of the nomad is full of various challenges


Back home

Ever come back home with an unconditional sense of relief?


Charming graphics

Simple solutions are always unique.

0W2A5426 - копия — копия

Geometry of the space

Geometrical signs are our faithful friends throughout the years.


  NEW! Double bed throws!

Slow design

We seek for beauty in the simplest forms.

Day dream

TUMAR Art Group is a women-run business uniting artisans and craftsmen in Kyrgyzstan.


We present oriental-style felt pillowcases made from a blend of natural wool, cotton and other natural fabrics.


Everything has an end. A film has a happy end.


Lightweight blankets from merino wool create unusual softness and warmth for your cozy home evenings.


The wind whispered to devote to the art of landscape.

The eyes of nature (text)

We felt the soul.
We stood in the wildness to understand the power of the nature.
We sailed the ship and watched the wave to crash the cloud

Going wild 

Today, more than ever, as our souls thirst for new life experiences