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About our company

We believe that everyone deserves quality. Durable use, which meets the need, is what makes us happy.

TUMAR is a felt produсtion and design group. We proudly specialize on making shoes from locally sourced, natural wool felt. Our production technology is based on the centuries old wet-felting which was traditional for the nomads in Central Asia.

Our first product was launched in 1998 by three women. Today we are proud to empower 200 individuals of professional craftsmen. Our mission is to engage with the world by modernizing felt and elevating standards of living for the customers and ourselves.
Materials and products

Felt has been a traditional material for us and our ancestors for centuries. Our production specializes in wet-felting and nuno-felting techniques in producing interior design items, personal and corporate accessories and toys. However, the main bestselling product which gained strategic importance for us is slippers.

Felt is made thanks to the unique characteristic of wool fibers to interlock under the influence of hot water, steam and pressure to combine fibers. It can vary from being very firm or very soft depending on how densely it has been processed.
Environmental issues
We strive to minimize pollution to the environment at any stages of production. Natural wool felt is a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. Our goal is make natural materials accessible to more people and this is our input to maintain ecological balance, thus decrease the negative effect of industry to the environment.
Production Process
The stories of the craftsmen behind each pair of felt slippers
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